Preventive Care

Preventative Care Services

High quality preventative dental care can make the difference between a healthy, beautiful smile and a lifetime of challenging issues. Family Dental Care of Mill Creek is proud of its reputation for providing the Mill Creek, WA areas with expert, gentle care for over 40 years. Our well established practice can serve the needs of everyone in your family, from the youngest child just learning to brush his or her teeth to the elder member seeking to maintain a health set of teeth and gums.

Basic Services

The dentist and staff at Family Dental Care of Mill Creek will work to make your cleanings, exams, and x-rays as comfortable and thorough as possible. During your twice-yearly visits, our staff will carefully examine your teeth for signs of wear, disease, and decay. We’ll show you and your family how to best maintain your healthy smile over the long term, because people who practice regular dental hygiene habits are less likely to suffer from oral health problems. Plus, because we’ve contracted with many of the region’s most popular insurance providers, you and your family may be able to enjoy these services at extremely affordable prices.

Preventive Care

Fluoride treatments and sealants make maintaining a healthier set of teeth and gums easier than ever before. Weakened enamel (the outer layer of the tooth) often results in tooth decay, which when left untreated can lead to a wide variety of serious health problems. Fluoride, a mineral often found in water and certain foods, helps prevent decay by remineralizing the enamel. A sealant does not strengthen the enamel, but instead protects it against decay caused by plaque. Made of thin plastic, the dentist will apply the sealant to your back molars. Children, teens, and adults without fillings or already existing decay are excellent candidates for sealants.

Overcoming Anxiety

The staff at our Mill Creek, WA area dental practice understands that going to the dentist — even for something as routine as preventative care — can cause tremendous anxiety in many patients. The fact remains, however, that the best way to avoid difficult dental work down the road is to get regular checkups. The good news is that our office has earned its reputation as a practice that treats all patients as if they were members of our own families. That is why we provide sedation dentistry to patients who need regular dental care — but would avoid it without the benefits of anti-anxiety medication.

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If you or someone you love needs preventative general dentistry services, call Family Dental Care of Mill Creek at (425) 745-9420. Our goal is to serve you by providing the best dental care possible. Avoid future dental health problems by scheduling a dental exam at our convenient Mill Creek, WA office today.